There are two types of Squirrel in the UK:

Grey Squirrel “Sciurus carolinensis”

Grey Squirrel

  • Out of the two species the Grey Squirrel is known as the Squirrel.

  • Introduced into the UK from North America between 1876-1929.

By the 1940’s the grey squirrel was well established and easily out competed the smaller Red Squirrel. The Grey Squirrel loves its woodlands, hence why you are almost certain to encounter a Grey Squirrel in your local park. Unfortunately for home owners or land lords they also love loft areas. They gain access to these areas by jumping from nearby trees or even climbing up the walls of buildings. Once a Grey Squirrel is inside your loft the damage that this little furry animal can do is really unbelievable.   They chew literary anything in your loft, wooden beams, electrical wiring, destroy insulation, which they also use to build there drey (nest) with, ceilings, and some have  even been found drowned in the water tank contaminating the water. The reason for this behaviour of chewing everything in sight is due to having the characteristic incisors, which grow constantly throughout their lives. This is their way of filing them down, and keeping them sharp just like the rodents do and why the Grey Squirrel is classed as a rodent.The Grey Squirrel will eat a wide range of food from nuts, bird seed put out for birds or the squirrel itself, fruit buds, birds eggs and nestlings. If by chance you spot a squirrel running around on your lovely lawn, be aware as they do bury surplus food for a later date.

Red Squirrel “Sciurus vulgaris”

Red Squirrel

  • Protected under the Wildlife and Country Act 1981.

  • Rare in southern England. Can be found on the Isle of Wight, Brown sea Island, the north of England, Wales, Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland.


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